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    Daytona Electric Bikes

    Electric bikes are so much fun to ride! With the wind we get on the beach, it sometimes makes it hard to use a regular bicycle. The e-bike gives you assistance...you can still get some exercise if you want. Our electric bikes have a throttle and are pedal assist! Different level riders can ride together which makes it a great family and friends adventure! Most of our clients wants an e-bike after they ride our e-bikes! You can ride further and see more of the beach on an electric bike because of the help of the 48V battery. You won't be as hot because you will ride faster than on a regular bicycle. You can plan a whole day around this e-bike rental adventure. We give you a lock so you can stop and eat and/or have a drink somewhere during your ride! If you have kids, call us and ask us about our kids/baby options. Check us out on TripAdvisor! 

  • https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Daytona-Beach-Shores-Sunglow-Pier-Florida/tides/latest
  • https://www.facebook.com/daytonaelectricbikes/
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